Friday, February 14, 2014

Focus, focus

Getting a start on my Red Cross quilt
No new year's resolutions for me this year.  Just one word, which is FOCUS. 
There are too many directions for me to go with my quilting, and without focus, I waste time.  I'm surrounded by too many plans and too many lists, too many bins and too many bags. 

I have a bucket list, a "want to make" list, a UFO list, and a WIP list.
I have a list of kits, lots of quilts marked in books, and dozens of online quilt photos saved in my laptop.   Too much input.
I need to focus -- and -- calm -- down.

I've begun two online BOM, and I'll share progress soon.  (Think "Legend and Lace" and "Noah and Matilda.")   But I also like two or three others.    FOCUS!   Memo to self -->  be realistic.  Two is plenty.

Two new scrappy projects have been started too.  They've been calling my name for weeks.  They're now officially WIP, and they're making me smile.   That's the important thing.  Smiling.  Enjoying.   (along with focusing).

My new project pictured above is found in The Blue and the Gray from Country Threads, which I wrote about here last year.  When I first got that book, I fell in love with half the quilts.  That doesn't happen to me often, but something about this book really appealed to me.   I'll be using mainly somber, dark fabrics for the blocks.   No pinks, no poison green or chrome yellow. The only reds will be in the little 2-1/4" Red Cross blocks.

NOTE:  Very few of this book's projects are large quilts.  The majority are small or wall hanging size or lap size. For example, this Red Cross quilt finishes 40" x 48" with the book instructions.   I want a bigger quilt, so I'm enlarging the 9-patch blocks to 6", and I'll make 80, rather than the 30 called for.   A daughter asked who this one is for, and I proudly said "ME !"    It's easier to focus when I know this quilt will be mine when I'm done.


Karen said...

It sounds like one of the down sides to being retired is having too much time?? You will find your focus I am sure. The somber quilt will be wonderful.

julieQ said...

Yes, I think exactly the same way...FOCUS!! It is so exciting with all the new fabrics and patterns and ideas, but realistically, I must focus to!!

Me and My Stitches said...

Love your quilt and I really love that you are making it for you!!

Lori said...

You wrote: "I'm surrounded by too many plans and too many lists, too many bins and too many bags." That's me right now!
I am making a quilt fro that book- its the cover quilt and is a group quilt. When I looked at the size I couldn't believe how tiny it was! I enlarged all my blocks too and it is turning out wonderful!

AnnieO said...

With all you give away, the reward of one for YOU is long overdue!! Love the colors and crosses!

Heartsdesire said...

This is a great pattern, and I love your colour choices. Would like to see the fabrics before you start cutting. I quite often find patterns for smaller quilts that I like, so I usually enlarge the blocks or make more to make the quilt bigger. However, one can never have too many small quilts. And they're so much fun to make.

Linda said...

I love almost every quilt in that book too! Yours is looking wonderful! So far I have just made a runner out of the book.

Karen in Breezy Point said...

I love every quilt in that book, but they are all pretty small. I plan to do some enlarging too. I didn't change the size of my red cross blocks, but made more--kind of wish I had gone even larger. Your's will be perfect!!

Janet O. said...

I love that book, too. Haven't actually made anything from it yet, but absolutely plan to! The one you are making is great!
Good for you, making something for YOU!!

Kindred Quilts said...

Oh I like the Red Cross quilt! I've heard so much about The Blue and the Grey book, but haven't seen a copy... better put it on my list! Making a quilt for yourself is long overdue!!!

I'm so looking forward to retirement in 3 years, 4 months, and 14 days... can you tell?


Once you've calmed down and had a think and a sort out, I'm sure you'll feel better and get a more structured view of what to do next. Being overwhelmed is no fun - I know from experience! Good Luck. Your quilts are just gorgeous. xCathy


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